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Student Admission

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Student Admission


We are pleased that you are exploring the possibilities to advance your professional career at the College of Materials Science and Engineering, Hunan University. As one of the top universities and esteemed colleges, the research activities and educational opportunities are abundant. As a big bonus, we are located at the center of Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area lies in the west bank of Xiang River in Changsha. We are also only 500 meters away from one of the most prestigious academies, Yuelu Academy, over the last 1000 years in China. All of these make the college an intriguing place to consider pursuing graduate education.

The college has multiple excellent academic support laboratories, such as Key Laboratory of Spray Deposition Technology and Application (Hunan) and Center of High Resolution Electron Microscope; we are also in close collaboration with a number of research centers, such as National Super Computing Center (Changsha), State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufacturing for Vehicle Body, and National High Efficiency Grinding Technology Research Center. Beyond these academic opportunities, students are also provided with internship opportunities in a variety of national and global industrial partners.

Our ultimate goal is to help our graduates gain and accumulate professional knowledge, creativity, and international vision, having them well prepared for their chosen career. Our graduates are in great demand in manufacturing industries, such as materials development, aerospace, automotive, new energy, transportation, chemical engineering, and electric engineering.

The qualified students can be admitted through either a standard graduate student entrance examination which covers a wide range of topics, such as academic background and foreign language level, or an evaluation procedure by the committee members who are normally the faculty members in the College. The College of Materials Science has admission criteria for incoming students through evaluation based on several performance criteria, including GPA scores on core academic subjects and foreign language test scores. The applicants are expected to submit a personal statement stating shortly their academic background and clearly their future career goals. The applicants are also recommended to include in their personal statements or submit additional supportive documents to present their creativities and problem-solving abilities.

For detailed information regarding the graduate admission, please feel free to contact our college office.