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About the College


The materials science and engineering discipline of Hunan University originated from the Mining Department of Hunan Higher Industrial College, which was founded in 1903. Hunan University (called Hunan National University from 1937 to 1949) in 1943 initiated its first degree in materials discipline under the Division of Metallurgy. In 1986, the discipline of materials science was approved to be the second-level discipline (minor). It was then promoted to be the first-level discipline (major) in 2000, including the second-level disciplines of inorganic nonmetallic materials, metallic materials, materials physics, and materials processing engineering. Meanwhile, the new College of Materials Science and Engineering was established.

The College is composed of three departments, including the Department of Materials Science, the Department of Non-metallic Materials, the Department of Metallurgy and Processing, along with seven key laboratories/research centers of Ministry of Education and/or Hunan Province. The research in the college is focused on electron microscopic characterization and micro-structure-tuning technology, advanced carbon materials and composites, electronic and new energy materials, light-weight metal alloy and processing technology, high-performance structure and functional ceramics, materials modeling and design, etc. The global essential science indicator (ESI) ranking of the materials science of Hunan University was 166 in November 2018.

The College currently has 92 faculty and staff members. Among them, there are 2 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (part-time), 7 thousand-talent-plan professors, 1 Yangtse River Professor of the Ministry of Education, 1 recipient of National Distinguished Youth Foundation, etc. There are more than 1300 full-time undergraduate and graduate students. The aim of the college is to train next-generation of scientists and engineers, who are able to conduct scientific research, engineering technology applications, management and teaching in the field of materials science and engineering. The College is committed to meeting our nation's science and technology needs, and actively providing social services to the community and industry.

Dean:Prof. Jianghua Chen

Address:Lushan Road, Changsha, Hunan 410082, China

Phone:86-731-88821610 or 88821727